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Regions, neighborhoods and public transport

Information about the neighborhoods of Riga is available only in Latvian, but we have added a tutorial on how to set the home page in the required language. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser. 

1. Go to the website www.apkaimes.lv 


2. Click on the "Google Translate" icon 


3. Choose a language 



Ukrainian civilians can use the regional public transport and carry their luggage in free of charge upon presentation of an identity document. Please turn to cash desk, if available, in order to receive ticket free of charge. Free travel does not apply to commercial regional routes (trips), they are marked in the schedule with a capital letter "K". More information can be found here. Route planner and time table for regional transport (trains and buses) is available here

Ukrainian civilians registered at the Riga Support Centre for Ukrainian Residents  can use the capital's public transport free of charge after the receipt of the ticket and only until June 30, 2023.

Regularly updated information for Ukrainian civilians about the public transport in Riga is available here


There are 6 zones in Riga: A, B, C, D, R and V, in which the parking fee and working hours, as well as the payment method, may differ. Maps with parking zoning can be viewed on the website of Rigas Satiksme. Currently, five payment methods are available in paid parking lots in Riga: prepaid, postpaid, by phone, monthly subscription and resident card. More detailed information is available here

About parking rules in other cities, please consult web page of respective municipality.


Vehicle registration

Civilians from Ukraine may participate in road traffic using vehicles registered in Ukraine for three months since the moment of entry without re-registering the vehicle in Latvia.

If a vehicle registered in Ukraine is intended to be used in Latvia for more than three months, it may be registered for a period of up to 3 years without a certificate of conformity (more information: Temporary registration of the vehicle).  

Winter tires

Winter tires are compulsory from 1 December 1 until 1 March for the winter season and require at least 4 millimeters of tread. The Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) also advises drivers not to continue to use tires after 5-6 years and to ensure they are running with the correct air pressure.

Driving licence

Driving licences issued in Ukraine are valid for driving all categories of vehicles that are provided in the licences in Latvia. If staying in Latvia for more than one year, the driving licence must be exchanged (more information on exchange of a driving licence issued abroad: here). More information available on the web page of CSDD. 

Section 22, Paragraph one, Clause 1 of the Road Traffic Law is not applied to Ukrainian civilians in relation to obtaining the right to drive vehicles (about registered place of residence in order to obtain the driving licence). 

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